If you want to make homemade yogurt, these three methods are very useful for you

make homemade yogurt, these three methods are very useful for you Yogurt is something that almost everyone likes to eat and the use of yogurt is considered good for many stomach problems. In summer and humid weather, eating yogurt is different. If yogurt is frozen at home it is considered good, but many people think that yogurt does not freeze well with them. Yogurt is very important in Indian food and in such a situation, homemade yogurt is delicious. But how about if someone can’t find sour or starter yogurt to put yogurt on? The easiest way to make yoghurt is to add some yogurt to the milk, but if someone doesn't even get a little yogurt and still wants to put yogurt in, we're going to give you tips on what to do. 1. Make yogurt with the help of green chillies- You may be surprised if you know, but with the help of green chillies you can make yoghurt, and it is considered the best way to make casserole without sour. Tips for putting yogurt Object- 1 green chilli 1/2 cup cooked full cream milk Way- First, take care not to remove the green chili stem. In addition to the stem, you will need green chilli because its enzymes make it sour. Heat the already cooked milk. When touched by hand it is a little warm and well worth drinking. Now place it in a glass container (yogurt is better in glass than in steel) Immerse the chilli in this milk and cover for 10-12 hours in a moist place. After this, your sour yogurt is frozen and by adding it to regular milk, you can make yogurt according to your own. Use it only for sourdough because it is pure yogurt and quite sour. This is a must read- keep in mind these 3 techniques when making yogurt, you will get three different types of yogurt 2. Make yogurt with red chilli- If you need sour yogurt and want to make a souvenir, use this method. Object- 3-4 dry red chillies 1 cup full cream milk Way- You should follow the same steps as before. After 10-12 hours you will get yogurt. However, it is better if it is used for jam. You can use it for curry etc - Kitchen Hacks: If you follow these 4 tips at home, yogurt will be thick and delicious 3. With lemon, make sour cream Instead of using this type of yogurt as usual, use it as a sour cream. You get a very thick mozzarella made from this kind of yeast. Object- 1/2 cup full cream milk 1 teaspoon lemon juice Way- First you have to boil the milk well and boil it in low heat. Let it cool and then when it is warm, add lemon juice to it, cover it and leave it for 10-12 hours. After this, you get the yeast with the help of yogurt, you keep it fresh yogurt. The final product in all three of these methods is cheesy, but if you use sour cream from them, it's very good. By doing this you get the perfect frozen mozzarella. The taste of homemade buttermilk differs from that of ordinary alligators and you will understand the difference in taste of all three methods.

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