How to make Aloo Paratha, they never burst

Potato Parathas: Aloo Parathas are often made in everyone's house. But many people's potato parathas start bursting. Today we are telling you such tricks by which your potato parathas will be fully blown. How to make Aloo Paratha, they never burst Everyone likes to eat potato parathas. Allu Parathas are so delicious that they can be prepared easily. You can get potato parathas very cheaply in the market. That's why people of all classes like to eat potato parathas. Outside offices and companies, you will find some stalls of potato parathas. If you are going to eat homemade potato parathas and coriander tomato chutney, then enjoy it. However, some people complain that the aloo parathas they make are cracking and not puffed up. Today we are telling you some tips and tricks to prevent potato paratha from bursting. You should keep these things in mind while making paratha. Make Aloo Parathas With This Trick 1. To make Aloo Paratha, first of all, mix 2 tbsp vegetable oil and salt in the dough you are making. 2. Keep in mind that for making potato parathas or any kind of stuffed parathas, you have to apply a little thinner dough than bread. 3. Now cover the dough for some time and keep it to set. 4. If you want, you can also add 2 tbsp of all purpose flour to the dough. This makes the parathas very crispy. 5. The potatoes you are boiling now do not need to be boiled. Potatoes do not crack while boiling. 6. Potatoes should not be kept in water for a long time. After opening the cooker, immediately take them out in a plate or sieve. 7. Squeeze the potatoes well to make hives. The best way is to grate potatoes. 8. If your pitha is thin, then put salt in hot potatoes. 9. Due to this, bile does not get diluted even after keeping it in the fridge. No matter how long you cook the parathas, the pitta is very tight. 10. If you are adding onion to the potato paratha, then the onion should be chopped very finely. 11. Finely chop the green chilies and green coriander that fall into the filling. 12. If the potato is cut coarsely, then it can burst. 13. Now take a dough ball and roll it a little. Now fill pt in it. 14. Roll the paratha with a light hand and flowers are filled in the paratha. 15. You have to keep the flame medium while making parathas.

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