Check out this recipe from the famous Rajasthani Malai Ghiwad

heck out this recipe from the famous Rajasthani Malai Ghiwad Malai Ghevar Recipe Ingredients for making Malai Ghevar - - One and a half liters of water - 1 liter of milk - 500g flour - 150 g of ghee -Sugar 50g - Cardamom powder 5 g - Saffron 1 g -To decorate Almonds 20 g (chopped) Cashews 20 g (chopped) Watermelon seeds 10 g -Sugar 500 g - 250 ml of water - 3 cups ghee - A pinch of saffron Malai Ghevar Recipe Malaya wound process Heat the ghee in a deep pot. Then add ice to it and let the ghee cool. By doing this the dirt and ghee in the ghee goes to the bottom of the pot. Now add the ghee to the dough, mix well and add water and mix to a smooth dough. Heat the ghee again and place a round mold in the middle of the ghee. Now prepare the syrup. Heat the water and add the sugar to it and dissolve completely. Put the roasted ghee in the syrup and remove it. To make the cream, heat the milk and add the sugar, cardamom powder and saffron and cook until the milk is reduced by half. Let the milk cool so it thickens. Pour the prepared cream onto the ghee and garnish with chopped nuts.

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