Benefits of rubbing lather on the feet:

Benefits of rubbing it on your feet:Massage your feet with gauze before going to bed at night.
Benefits of rubbing the lather on the feet: Massaging the gum on the foot before bedtime is considered very beneficial. Benefits of rubbing ghee on the feet: Ghee is considered very beneficial in Ayurveda. Consumption of ghee is considered good for health. Consuming ghee will improve your physical and mental health. In Ayurveda, ghee is considered as a storehouse of medicinal properties. Ankle massage before bedtime is very beneficial How to massage with ghee on the ankle For this, heat the ghee a little, even if you do not want to heat it. Before going to bed, gently massage your feet with a little grease for your palms. Benefits of rubbing ghee on the feet: Massage the ghee on your foot before going to bed at night. Doodh Main Ghee Dalkar Peene Ke Fayday: Drink night milk with ghee, you will get these amazing benefits Desi Ghee: Learn Which People Don't Eat Desi Ghee, Shocking Results in Research, Be Careful Other news Benefits of massaging the ghee on the foot gauze Massaging the feet with grease will help reduce joint pain. With this, it can be solved by the problem of snoring and sleeping at night. Massaging ghee on the ankle can eliminate the problem of digestion, blisters or belching, and constipation. Massaging the ghee to the feet will reduce the inflammation and not cause bloating. Massage of the feet strengthens the nerves and thereby reduces problems such as acidity. Good sleep reduces the problem of stress, which improves skin tone. Benefits of rubbing ghee on ghee

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