Home Garden: The Subsidiary of Homes

Home Garden: The Subsidiary of Homes The Law of Conversion. Transitioning is normal, however, and should never be seen as a good transition. A world that is constantly changing. The environment in which we live is different from globalization and urbanization. Percentage of us. 60 percent live in apartments. No plants can be cultivated, no farms, no gardens, no land. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat is contaminated with pollution. In this case there is a need to follow appropriate measures to maintain balance in the environment. Terrace garden, home garden is a great idea in this regard. Ornamental plants can be grown on the roof of the house, on the balcony, in a small place like a window. Recently, this trend has become very popular. Small hand gardens can be built using homemade, non-durable materials. Its need is increasing in metropolitan cities. Coconut shell, old plastic bottles, aluminum tin cans, old cans, broken plastic containers, tubs, used nut trays, plastic bottles, etc., are a great way to make home gardening and look at plastic recycling. There are three main types of home gardening. An- Grass or mud cover to the ceiling. The second is to plant the plants in pots, pots, tin cans for the balconies in front of the house. Three- Vertical gardening on the walls, in the space where the sun falls inside the house. Any of these three can be easily done with little interest. In this small garden, you can grow all the necessary flower plants, vegetables such as pepper, tomatoes, lettuce and all kinds of greens by yourself. Home gardening creates a cleaner and healthier environment with a significant reduction in the temperature inside the home. Many species of plants can be grown in the courtyard of the house without any effort. Using these available open spaces can reduce environmental imbalances. There are many benefits to household waste management and recycling, energy conservation, water conservation, home beauty enhancement, resident health benefits and attracting birds and insects. The fresh and healthy vegetables we grow for ourselves, reduce the cost we make for it. Doing this kind of useful work in the short space available will improve the health of the homeless and the residents of the home. Let's start with environmental protection from home without delay.,

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