Potato is good not only for sambar but also for hair care!

We use a variety of vegetables when making vegetable sambar. The reason is that the broth tastes better and our body gets a good amount of nutrients from all the vegetables. Don't forget the potatoes while preparing the sauce. Because the good taste of the transport is from the potatoes.
Ever heard of potato juice? Potatoes are a vegetable. So is it possible to juice it? And questions about what to do with the prepared juice are already running in your head.

Don't scratch the face of the potato!

Some even put potatoes aside for the reason that the potato is full of air.
Even the elderly may have some health problem with potatoes, as their blood levels are low. So much so that anyone who is able to consume potatoes can be fluent.
Not only does your body benefit from the juice of potatoes, it also has a great effect on your hair care.
For those who are experiencing problems with hair loss, young hair loss, hair loss, hair loss, scalp etc. every day, using potato juice can help you get naturally healthy and lush hair.

How to Make Potato Juice at Home

Take medium sized 2 to 3 potatoes, rinse well and peel off.
Cut into small pieces and put in a mixer jar and grind well.
Potatoes can be cut into small pieces. This makes the juice a lot easier to prepare.
Take a cotton cloth and tie it with a spoonful of grated or grated potatoes.
Now take a steel bowl and squeeze the potatoes in the dressing bell. This is a very natural approach.
You can prepare the juice by placing the potatoes directly in the juicer.
If you have a headache problem, you can use potato juice along with some lemon juice.

Benefits from potato juice for head hair

Your head hair will decrease
It is common for everyone to have hair loss on aging. But lately, adults from young children are also experiencing a lot of hair loss. So one natural home remedy for this is to use potato juice.
Potato juice prepared on the head before taking a bath and leaving it on for a while. After bathing with nail warm water, it relieves head scalp, energizes your weak hair roots and gives you naturally strong shiny, healthy hair.
Says the vitamin 'C' content is high in potatoes. If you include 1 cup of potato juice in your body, it will balance the amount of vitamin C content you have lost.
In addition, the vitamin 'C' level in your body will help your body absorb the iron content in your diet. This results in a lot of hair growth. This is because iron content is essential for hair growth.

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