In style with these good workout shoes

Shoes that work for a CrossFit session may not work for Zumba class or weight training

 Here are three greaut shoes for your specific needs
The most important thing to do before your workouts is to choose the right pair of workout shoes. (Photo: iStocka
The most important thing to do before your workouts is to choose the right pair of workout shoes. (Photo: Ista
By Sohini Sen
If you want to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle, there is no shortage of different options out there. Yoga sessions, Zumba classes, weight training, Pilates are everything. All you need is to take care of your health and stick to your workouts. You also need a comfortable and versatile pair of workout shoes. That’s your primary gear and the best thing you can invest in. It does not begin your quest for a healthy and active life, whether it be for running or strength training, HIIT or CrossFit, without a good pair of shoes. To make things easier for you, we are going through the specs of three new workout shoes and they will also tell you which workouts are best for you. Each of these shoes is perfect for specific tasks, and they pop up well on a post-workout Instagram selfie!

One thing to keep in mind is that you cannot use the same shoes for your longevity and weight lifting. Running shoes are heavy cushions, making sure you reduce the chance of a knee injury. But the same cushioning can make the shoe unstable as you try to lift weight. The Reebok Nano Series is designed for CrossFit. But the new Nano X CrossFit takes it a step further. First, it is very stable with just a 4mm heel to toe drop. The sight base argument of the heel and ankle collar keeps your foot up for power movements like base weight squats. However, the grip is smooth to the toe or front foot, which is comfortable enough for short sprints and jumps such as burpees and box jumps. The top of the shoes uses a flexiblewave material that is nano 9s wide. This means that you can bend your toes more when doing some of these moves. Unfortunately, like some previous versions of Nanos, the Nano X is hot if you're doing a really intense and lengthy workout. Some increased breathing is great. But so far, the only drawback I have experienced with the shoe, and as the weather gets cooler and drier, I think this is going to be more of a problem

Let’s get one thing straight. Puma makes shoes that make no sense. And the Hybrid NX Ozone is definitely not shiny and is also suitable for casual wear. Despite the wide sole, the fit of the shoes is comfortable. Whether you are jumping or running, the shoe fits comfortably, making it ideal for basic Parker style exercise. It is quite soft in turns and is stable even if you chirp and sweat the burpees.

 This aspect is also handy if you plan to wear these shoes for a Zumba session. It's surprisingly lighter than most shoes on the market,
And this is thanks to Puma's trademark high-rebound EVA foam. There are hundreds of small beads of Nargi beads in the single. With these you get the benefit of impressive energy and it helps you move faster. The beads also cushion the heel of the shoes, which will make you less injured during the workout. Ozone is a great workout shoe for activities that include low-speed explosions and jumps like HIIT, Short Run, Zumba and Parker.

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