Ganesh Pooja: Riddhi is obtained borshiping Lord Ganesha - blessings of ac Ccomplibhshment

happyGanesh Ji is the son of Siva and Goddess Parvati. His vehicle is a rat. Ganesha, the whole creation is a group of atoms and different

 energies. His name is Ganapati because he is the lord of the Ganes. He is called Gajanan because he has an elephant-like head. It is considered very good to worship Ganesh on Wednesday. Legend has it that when Lord Ganesha was born in the hands of Goddess Parvati, Buddha Dev was also present on Mount Kailash. Because of this, his representative to Sri Ganesh Ji puja is Mercury, so Lord Ganesha began to worship every Wednesday.

Sit at home, do special worship during the month of Shraddha, you will receive the blessings of all the ancestors

By worshiping Lord Ganesha: By worshiping Lord Ganesha, Lord Ganesha is very happy and ends all the troubles of the natives. Worshiping Lord Ganesha brings longevity, success, happiness, prosperity and wealth. If you want to increase your business or take over your factory work or shop up front, then place a picture of Ganesh Ji on the threshold of your factory or shop, which always brings happiness, prosperity and success. If Lord Ganesha is happy with us, he will remove all the pains of his devotees. He will remove all obstacles and take a form on the road to success and stand with you. By placing the idol of Ganesha on the main door of the house, no negative energy can enter the house. Worshiping Lord Ganesha is very beneficial to overcome enemies and enemies. If students worship Ganesh, success is sure. Shraddha Puja in this Pitru Party Gaya You are liberated from 

Method of worshiping Lord Ganesha: To worship Lord Ganesha, first, get up in the morning and take a bath. Then place the idol of Ganesha in the copper pot. Before placing the idol of Ganesha ji, please clean the character. In the place of worship, worship with your mouth facing east. Sitting on a pedestal, worshiping Lord Ganesha, flowers, incense, lamps, camphor, sandalwood. Offering incense is considered very good, which is very beneficial. Give a Modak to Ganesha at the end of the puja. Finally, recite this mantra 108 times while meditating on the mind of God - Om Gana Ganapataya Nama.

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