The pain of a life-threatening disease is only known to those who have suffered it


he pain of a life-threatening disease is known only to those who have suffered it. People often call it arthritis because they have pain and swelling in all joints. It comes from the fact that our immunity works in the opposite way. The problem initially involves severe pain and swelling in the joints of the fingers of the hand and foot. Moving joints can be very difficult. This stiffness is more frequent in the mornings, especially in the mornings and colder periods. Pain and stiffness may be slightly reduced if given as heat or as heat.

The disease slowly spreads to large joints such as the knee, elbow and ankle, causing pain and erosion. It can cause pain in any joint of the body. There may be pain in the joint some day. In Ayurveda, the scorpion is said to be painful.

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According to modern medicine, it can cause problems not only in the arteries but also in the heart, kidneys, skin, eyes and lungs. So you have to reduce the mental stress that is the biggest cause of this problem. Reduce intake of daytime, cold drinks, excessive air conditioning, consumption of junk foods, smoking and fried foods. All kinds of spices such as ginger, hippos, pepper, flax 
(cinnamon), cumin, cloves etc. should be consumed often. Easily digestible and warm foods such as turmeric, gooseberry, radish, nuggets, cucumbers, ginger, barley, beans are most beneficial. At the beginning of the fever, when the fever is coming and the pain and stiffness in the nodules begin, two grams of amber, ginger, hippos and cumin should be boiled in four cups of water and drank in an empty stomach.

Natural and Panchakarma treatments can be cured when the problem of infertility begins. Fasting in the Incarnation works as a good treatment. Fasting can be cured if appropriately treated early in life. Drinking hot water on an empty stomach and diarrhea every morning or at least every fortnight. According to their nature to drink 3-4 times a day, they should drink the same amount. Eat less in the first time and observe the effect and adjust the dose 3-4 times a day. Approximately 15 to 25 ml. Drinking granules is enough

If there is swelling, pain and tightness in the joints, it is best to heat the sand and tie the knot in a cloth. Heat the ginger powder in water and apply it to the nodules. When the eardrum reaches a critical stage, such as the palm of the hand, the fingers of the foot, it can not fully heal when there is severe pain and erosion in the joints of the knee. But if properly treated, it can prevent further deterioration. Food, diary and mind should be kept in mind so as not to cause the problem of infertility. If healed, heal early.

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