Shraddha satisfies the patriarchy

Beginning Mahalaya New Moon Day. Although the elders are physically alienated from us, there is a tradition to honor and honor them. Timely writing explaining the significance of this practice. Our recollections are given equal importance in Indian culture. In many countries around the world, the tradition of remembering and honoring the elders who are far away from us remains in place.

The duty of a house-keeper must continue in the home-based religion, taking into account the sentiments of the Lord and the animal. The householder is liable to pay five types of debt. It is the great duty of the elders to pay off those debts and free the elders. The father, god, sage, demon and man are indebted.

There can be no other goddess like the father. Their mother-in-law is responsible for the body, the energy, the intellect, the culture and the wealth. This is the "Jutanubandhu Rupena cattle wife Suthalaya".

Every human being is born with three types of duties. Rishis are those who have given us spiritual knowledge through the Vedas, we have a duty to preserve and nurture the heritage of knowledge which they have been given and give it to someone else without reward.

The good deeds we do, such as the father-mother, the service of the elders of the Guru, and the worship of the philanthropic deity are the sacrifices which the angels make. We are free from this act of godliness.
How to satisfy the patriarchy

Accordingly, it is our duty to attain the virtuous and patriotic lineage through the implementation of virtuous deeds, the service of the parents and the virtues of the children, both of them who died for the purpose of living for them.

Though the debt of the persons who have benefited us can never be fully paid, it is well known that they are always grateful and do their diligent deeds for their happiness. Through the fire of diligence, the offering of homa, pinda, these are the shraddha 'which satisfy the fatherhood.

Shraddha should be performed for ninety-six days in a year. In the sixteen days of this party, when the sun enters Virgo, it will be a time for all fathers.
The world of the Fathers is at the top of the moonlight. 'Tila' (sesame) is a fan of its moon (moon). The motion of the sun in the paternal sun is responsible for the daylight hours, depending on the motion of the earth.

15 days on the Moon and 15 nights on the Moon, 1 day on Earth. It was then a new moon for the fathers. Sunny temperatures are high.

Sesame is a great food for the fathers. Sesame is the best ingredient for the purifier - blood purification It is for the first time that a woman is eating her sesame seeds. The patriarchy of his fathers to be virtuous. So dear to the fathers of Tiralappana.

If the new moon is a sign of darkness, then the next day, the dark of dawn, the night begins. Patriarchy is better than a home, karmabhumi, riverbank.

Being paternalistic is not difficult

God is able to withstand the curse, but it is not hard to be subjected to patriarchal sovereignty. The sacrifices made by the ancestors in shaping our life were immense. Although they are not in front of our eyes in the form of a physical body, they are indirectly observing our duties through micro-bodies. From the blessings of the Fathers, there are offspring, happiness, and wealth. Satisfied with the reason given to them, we spread. It is not just the chanting of the Mother, the Father, but the sentiment that must be felt within us, the temple of the Fathers.

New moon is best for the fathers

It is based on scientific reasoning. Patriarchy is over the moon. In the Shukla party, the moon moves away from the sun. When the sun comes to the lunar orbit in a single orbit (straight line) at night, in the night of the Krishna Party, the fathers are in the afternoon, when the fathers give the oil with sesame oil.

Every day in the morning, the devotees should worship, worship in the afternoon, worship the Father in the afternoon. This patriarchy is not wrong, as it is the easiest way for a man to find a way to lighten the burden of the sacrifices and duties of his parents. Patriarchy advocates rebirth. Also helpful for the transgenic body. That is why patriarchy should be practiced according to the rules of Shraddha.

There is no caste distinction between fatherhood

Just like birth and death, there is no caste difference as well as paternal function. These fifteen days do no good work.

This one celebration is seen as a good symbol of our ancient culture. The beneficiary should be commemorated. Our thanks should be given to them.

According to Indian culture life is not complete with death. Death is a link in the chain of infinite life. So that condition of life in the paternal party is integrated. This paternal celebration is celebrated with the attitude that the next life of the concerned soul will be more virtuous than the previous one when completing a birth and leaving the next life.

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