See Northern Lights from the Igloo Hotel in Finland

Ever since I was young, I have dreamed of traveling to the North Pole. I wanted to see polar bears and penguins (until they told me they were on their way south), I wanted to go fishing through the ice hole, and when I saw the Northern Lights, I was dead. The idea of ​​being the next Robert Pierre has always been my dream, and sleeping in an igloo has led to that temptation. When I heard about the Coxlattanen Arctic Resort, my heart burst with excitement. What's it like to spend a night or two (or 5 for that matter) under the glow of the northern lights?
See Northern Lights from the Igloo Hotel in Finland
See Northern Lights from the Igloo Hotel in Fin
Coxlattanen Arctic Resort
In Northern Finland, you can find the Coxslattanen Arctic Resort… if you know where to look. This winter wonderland is magnificent all year round, but we recommend winter. The resort offers tourists the opportunity to experience the dark season in a very unique way. The rooms are hardly rooms, but instead they are glass igloos, which are slowly snowing, the season unfolding for hours, and the most beautiful, the endless glow of green and blue.

Being inside
What's better than cuddling with a cup of hot chocolate, wrapping yourself in a blanket and reading a steamy novel? Well, add to the glow of the North Pole's atmospheric sorcery and you're done with it. For those who want to stay indoors, the hotel offers all the amenities you need so you don't have to go outside. But in all honesty, I really recommend that you get there.
Being inside
Getting out
For those of you who really want to experience Lapland Paradise, get out is just for you. Safaris in the snow-covered forest? Of course! Do you want to see all this on horseback? In the snow tank? In a snowmobile? Or maybe you just want to take it to the extreme and tear through the massive ship ice to join the "Ice Breaking Sampo." My best gift is a sled ride and get a full view of the Northern Lights, but you may feel like an Eskimo.
If not winter, autumn
If you go to Coxslattenen in the fall, you will still see the northern lights, but you will see many more. The natural surroundings in the mountains, hills, forests and rivers are so clean and swatchy that you can bring an empty water bottle and fill it there. Wild fruits and mushrooms paint the landscape, and can be eaten on the spot. For someone like me, you can enjoy fishing, quad-biking, horseback riding, bike riding and more.
Since the opening of the Family Hotel, they have been working to make the experience of guests stay in their hearts and minds forever. With multilingual staff, all guests feel comfortable and welcome. Pack your bags, grab a coat (or three) and head to the airport, because this is an experience you don't deserve

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