Learn how the tongue points! If there is a white coating on the tongue

Learn how the tongue changes the body
When they go to a doctor for a general health checkup, they regularly check the tongue. Because the tongue indicates the state of health of the body. So let's assume that the body changes the way the tongue implies.

Geographic Tongue: This condition is called geographic tung, as the nipple on the tongue loses part of the surface. It is not known what caused this. But high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, asthma can be seen. High mental stress, low immunity and malnutrition. Sometimes it's even genetic. While this may not cause much trouble, some people experience hot, acidic, and spicy foods with inflammation of the tongue. Therapeutically, zinc and analgesics are given as supplement. Topical lashes also help. It is advisable not to consume any foods knowing what symptoms will worsen.

Hair Tongue: The appearance of hair on the tongue can sometimes change the color of the tongue. It usually resembles black or coffee. If the oral hygiene is not properly maintained, this can be seen as failing to keep the tongue clean. Along with this there is also abnormal odor from the mouth. This is caused by excessive smoking, excessive consumption of coffee and side effects of irregular medications. This can be controlled by properly cleaning the teeth and tongue.

White patches (white spots): If the color of the tongue is white or there is a white coat on the tongue, it usually indicates oral hygiene or gastrointestinal diseases. If the tongue is not properly cleaned, a white coating may occur and it is bad. Sometimes this type of infection is caused by common bacterial infections, fungal infections ranging from candidiasis to leukoplakia or lichen planus, and in some cases it can be precancerous.

Strawberry Tongue: The tongue is swollen, and resembles strawberry fruit, which is commonly seen in children. It can also be caused by a deficiency of B12 or an allergic reaction to certain drugs, fruits and vegetables. Also in people with scarlet fever, the tongue looks like strawberry. If the tongue is reddened, it is called inflammation of the tongue. It is common in people with anemia.

The surface of a healthy tongue is rough, damp, and has a light brown color. If there is any pain, inflammation, swelling or abnormal symptoms on the tongue, it is best to seek medical help without delay.

It is important to clean the teeth in the same way that you clean your teeth every day. That is why the tongue cleaning equipment is available separately and is good to use. One should not use the other. It is advisable to replace this with a toothbrush once in 3-4 months. Eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water can keep the tongue and body healthy. Smoking and drinking can have a damaging effect on the tongue. Regular consultation with a dentist every six months can help improve oral health.

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