How the vegan diet affects workouts

Going vegan is a controversial option - some are completely on board, and some just roll their eyes and criticize the decision immediately. Either way, it's worth examining how a plant-based diet affects your workouts.

Vegetarian diet and work
A top athlete recently opened up about her experience of switching to a vegan diet. U.S. Soccer star Alex Morgan says the change in eating regimen has allowed him to increase his ability on the field. When asked why she changed her diet, she said: "Because I didn't think it was fair to have a dog that I adore, and eat meat all the time." She felt she had more energy during the training period and during the games. This begs the question, does switching to a vegan diet benefit your exercise?
There is currently no research that directly correlates, although "they don't diminish athletic performance," says Tanya Halliday, professor of health, kinesiology and recreation at the University of Utah. He continues: "When athletes believe that a particular diet is responsible for improved performance, it is often the combination of a solid training program that puts more emphasis on nutrition."
Vegan diet
Although there is no direct evidence to show that it helps, you may find that cutting out certain food groups can affect your body in a positive way. The important thing to remember is that each person's body is different and it is wise to consult with a doctor before adopting major changes to your diet.

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