Barley and Wheat: This is good for both

Barley and wheat are not the latest food items. These have thousands of years of history not only in our country but also in other countries. Also, the people of the time did not eat rice. It is said that the paddy crop was not present at that time.
Nowadays, there are crops that are very easy to grow at all times and are of great benefit to farmers. Barley and wheat are highly nutritious when it comes to people's health. Not to forget that barley and wheat grass are being used as a snack for pets.
Freshness of barley vs wheat nutrients
Barley and wheat grass crops are the food crops of paddy, sugar cane, maize. That is, the pulses that come in are like grasses. Each grain consists of three layers.
Each layer contains a variety of nutrients. For example, a wheat field contains folate, copper, phosphorus, manganese, selenium, niacin, thiamin, calcium, and vitamin B6.
Barley is an antioxidant supplement that contains vitamins and many other minerals and contains nutrients such as fiber, niacin, chromium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, selenium, manganese and vitamin B1.
Drinking barley water daily can keep you away from all diseases

What makes people readily available?

As we all know, wheat is grown all over the world and consumed by all classes of people. But barley people are not so familiar. The main reason for this is that it cannot grow in all kinds of soils in all corners of the world. Barley is grown and consumed in some rural and more forested areas.


Wheat loses its outer layer when processing food grain. According to researchers, the outer layer is filled with a lot of fiber so that people are deprived of it.
But that is not the case with barley. Wheat has about 10 grams of fiber, while barley contains about 17 grams.
Only 2.5 grams of fiber is found in wheat flour that has lost its outer layer. Barley flour has about 15 grams of fiber per capita.
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Protein content

Wheat and barley also differ in protein content as fiber content. About 12 grams of protein is found in wheat while 12.5 grams of protein is found in barley.

Prepare for food intake

We cannot eat wheat for any reason. So, we can use wheat flour and prepare it with the chapatti, parotha, puri etc. we need. Wheat can be prepared by eating rice or salt. But barley can be boiled and consumed in water.

Barley is more nutritious compared to wheat because it is not necessary to flour and eat barley as wheat. A variety of foods can be prepared from wheat. But barley is not so. Only a very small number of foods are prepared.

The last word

Your diet needs to be in tune with the health of your body. One home out of four people who have a favorite food can be difficult for another. So in the case of barley and wheat, one has to eat wheat while the other is very delicious to the mouth.
Gluten content is the same in both wheat and barley. So those who are allergic to gluten are advised to stay away from wheat and barley. They can consume cooked rice from black or brown rice or ragi prepared food is a good choice.
Barley stands out in the first place when it comes to controlling your body's cholesterol levels. This is because the beta-glucan content is higher.
In addition, eating whole barley like whole grains will not only provide you with high nutrients, but also keep your digestive system clean and avoid health problems such as heart problems, diabetes and blood pressure.

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