Bank account empty in the name of online delivery, you can be the next victim

Attackers try different strategies to scam and many of them succeed. Similarly, the online distribution scam is fast becoming a reality in which many victims have their bank accounts locked away. In fact, in the new scam, Victim receives a call or message saying its order delivery is pending. The messaging scammer claims that the order could not be delivered due to a corona virus lockdown and the scam begins.

When a user receives a message or call, some of its package is believed to be stuck, unable to deliver. The victim believes that the delivery company is trying to send the package after the lockdown, the victim scammer. After this, the attacker running the scam asks for personal details in the name of sending the package. Also, instead of sending such a package, Victim will be asked to pay a nominal delivery fee online.

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This is the risky part

The dangerous part of the new scam is not stealing personal details, but stealing backing details. In fact, as soon as you click the Victim link for online payment of delivery fees, his Internet banking or credit card details are stolen. The delivery fee is just Rs 10 or Rs 20. Only asked, in which case someone agrees to pay. If a small amount of payment is large and the banking details are stolen, the scammer can easily empty the bank account.

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Caution is important
In that case, if you receive a message about the delivery padding of the package, make sure any of your packages are coming or not. In addition, if asked to send a package from a friend or family member, you must make no payment for its delivery. Any delivery service will retry if the package is not delivered and if the package is not delivered, it will be sent to the sender. The way to avoid such scams is to be careful.

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