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It happens that he has no money-related problems at his house. But many times the opposite occurs. Sometimes it can be seen that in the home of the planter, there are problems with the solid in their home. That is, there is no use of the money plot at home. In such a situation, it is important to know that the bead is a plan
After all, why are the problems of the cube constant.
ALSO READ: Do this work on Friday and be rewarded, Goddess Lakshmi
It is believed to be a money plant in anyone's home
(Bead plant)
The more the plant grows, the more money comes to their home. But we must remember a few things before planting a money plant. It should be handled properly and placed in the swatch place in the home. Doing this comes home. According to the accreditation, the money plant on Friday
  The red thread or ribbon tied on it is considered clean. In fact red is considered a symbol of love, affection, progress and fame. That is why tying the plant with a rhombus larynx is said to bring home dignity. Because of this socialization, mother Lakshmi enters the house.
Such as a red thread or ribbon ...
- Get up early in the morning and take a bath with Maa Lakshmi
- Light the lamp in front of them
- Put a red thread or ribbon at the foot of Maa Lakshmi
- Then make Maa Lakshmi Aarti and apply Kumkum on this red thread or ribbon.
- Meditate on Ma Lakshmi and wrap it around the roots of a money plant.
- If you plant money in a bottle, then lower the bottle and stop this red flag
Only after building it, you will see the difference in a few days. Mother enters Lakshmi's house, money starts to rain.

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