Why not look at the moon as Ganesha Chaturthi?q

On the Ganesh Chaturthi
Many Hindus believe that the moon should not be seen on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi. The seniors warn the minors about this. It is also known as Chauthi Moon. But why not see Chanda or Ganesha on the day of Ganesha Chaturthi, or Chanda Mama, the children? Look at this story.

Ganesha, son of Lord Shiva and Parvati, had a weakness of sweets. Ganesha could not tolerate anyone eating or offering sweets to Gajamukhan. Once a devotee offered many desserts to Vinayaka, the Lord, who was very pleased, stayed there all day and ate many sweets.

After the night, Ganesha walked slowly home, holding the rest of the sweets. Ganesha's stomach was full as he had already eaten so many sweets. While walking back, Vinayaka stumbled and fell down. All the sweets were scattered on the floor, and the clothing of the Lord was torn.

Do you know the relationship between Krishna Shamantaka Mani and Ganesh Chaturthi?

Ganesha, who had fallen to the ground, was embarrassed while he was getting up. As he got up, he dusted off and collected all the sweets he had. He looked around, hoping no one had seen him. Unfortunately Chandra Deva has seen it all.

The moon remained a full moon during all those days. The new moon and the full moon were not present at this time

Ganesha, who had a belly in the pot, stumbled and saw Chandra fall, and Chandra fell and laughed. Chandra Deva had always thought that she was very beautiful. In addition, he always thought it was funny to look at Ganesha's feet and the head of an elephant who had a pot belly. Similarly, the moon wiped away the tears on his face as Ganesh fell down and rose up.

Ganesha was furious when he saw Chandra Deva smiling at him. The moon does not come and help me. Instead, Ganesha Regi went to see her laughing.

As soon as Chandra Deva stopped laughing, Ganesha angrily shouted 'Chandra!' He shouted. 'You smiled at me! You thought you were so beautiful! I will curse you that you will disappear from the sky and never show your face again.

Chandradeva shuddered at Ganesha's curse. Oh god Can no one see me? Chandradeva shook his head that this punishment was too harsh.

Chandradeva immediately met Ganesh and said, “God, forgive me. I had more pride. Please forgive me, God! Chandra Deva pleaded with Lord Ganesha.

Later, Ganesh saw the moon and noticed that his pride had disappeared. Also, Vinayaka was always quick to apologize. This background smiled and nodded. But Ganesh realizes that he cannot hold back his curse.

Then Ganesha told Chandra, "Chandra, I cannot retract my words." Ganesha also saw the lunar face of the moon. '' But, listen, moon, I reduce the curse. Your face will slowly diminish day by day. You will not appear in the sky for a day. Afterwards, your face will continue to increase day by day. And on the fifteenth day your face will shine completely. ”

Chandra thanked Ganesh for listening to this. But Ganesha, who was not pleased, said with his gleaming eyes, that there was still one.

Chandra again looked at Ganesha, wondering if he could put any other conditions. Ganesh, seeing this, do not fear that kind. You laughed at me. It is against this backdrop that if anyone sees you today, they will have some problems. But fear not, Vinayaka said, if you listen to the story of Krishna Shamantaka Mani, these problems will be solved.

This background is due to the moon's size decreasing before the new moon. In addition, it is believed that the moon's size increases whenever the full moon approaches.

Another legendary story
Once a large banquet was held. The gods were also invited to this banquet. Ganesh was also involved in the banquet. It was in this context that he prepared many special sweets and dishes to give Ganesha a special treat and to make him feel special and show his devotion to Ganesha.

Everyone knows that Ganesha loves eating. With this background, Ganesha could not control his desire for food. Thus began to eat more. Ganesha continued to eat until everything he had done was done.

Ganesh's stomach was swollen as he ate too much. But, in this situation, no one should notice her, Ganesha Ha was wrapped around her stomach as an ornament to escape embarrassment. However, Ganesh's big hollow belly appears despite repeated attempts. Ganesha kept this background for the night, and then left.

Similarly, as it was dark, Ganesha set out to take his place. But suddenly someone heard a loud laugh. If so, look around to see if someone has consciously seen his stomach

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