two ducks, one turtle. Three mama (Fish


There were two ducks, one turtle. All three were good friends.

One year, the rain was coming down on Saroli's. One day ducks, "" The sun dries without rain The ducks said to the tortoise. But
 how can I see you dumping on me? "We shouldn't talk until we move you to another place. How much? Don't you want to leave your mouth?" The turtle ducks were speechless. He promised not to leave his mouth. The ducks came up and brought the long and thick rod. .

"Turtle! Bite the center of the stick. The Turtle Flowers. Both ducks jumped over one end of the mouth. The tortoise had been bitten in the middle of the rod. .

If the ducks are struggling in the middle of the night, the people in the street will fly the turtles and laugh at the noodles. The children jumped the applause tray.

The tortoise was struck by Mealy. "" Anything. People laugh at it. "Why did you laugh?" The tortoise whispered, leaving the mouth of the scalpel to find out.

Three mama (Fish)
There were three fish in one stream. The name of one is the fear of agatha. The other is the meth. The third brain name is Yadbavipaya.

Could it be that the first Mi "" is broken? Can you find a way to understand it? "

The second silence said, "Let the fear of the scorpion hold. Do what you have done. That is.

Vaakara's MiAnagam, "" What is Ma'riyagra's Tree? Ago is broken. Sadiwilde to anyone to check it The odd s came. They trapped the banks of the embryo. Three Mibraunes were impressed. The fishermen did not sew that day. Fearing fear, "Strangers come and run. Tomorrow is the day of the trap." "I have to rise from here," he said. On the feast of the day, the fishermen came and blew. Two missiles got under it. Pratudothanammati of the trap I pull here. r c From there nibble But Yudbhavishya "had to become a distributor. Possible." _Anagatabhaya said that Te Muriram, stamina of need.


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