The Stories of the Puno

Barakavamne, who was poor as Arakta, inquired about the crab today. *

"Then," "Tamle!" Do what. I have been feeding for many days. Though the fish came to me, they said, "Mutushrild." _

Crab, I "" Eye! Ishvuttavai came to Vairagya and asked, "Bitchette Nihagekleshah". Guy

"Let me tell you what it is," he said. This is my misfortune. Then Ilvina

Tell me who will save the little fish? "

Mirins listened to the speech and ran to him and shouted to him, "Grandpa, tell me something again."

Baka, "" There is a creek in the distance. There will always be water. All rights reserved. You sit like a nanny on my back. I will touch you in a big lake. "

All of the myrins are Ophbicolada. Hockley's ate them every day in the hopes of carrying one or two fish. The millennials are the victims of a large lake. .

One day the crab lake became Hebbogolum. He found his desire at Bakka.

If a crab is found, it will be his lucky one.The same

On the way, they found a pile of myrrh bones that had fallen down and asked Bakan what they were. 'Buff for it, "" Tawatmi! Ishacha didn't know? Dina I did not bother with the idea, but the bones of those minu bones were eaten and finished. Now turn yesterday.

The crab came to the cobra. The gaggle of baccalaureate. If it is delayed, bite into the ketchee, the drummer

Killed it. He escaped the news to the rest of the pond
 The news that he had escaped told the rest of the fish in the pond that they were living in the alley.

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