The overflow comes from the land of the hot spring.

# ॐ नमः शिवय्

 ** Manikaran * *
This hot spring is found in the Manikkaran region of the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh which has been identified as the coldest region.

 It is the left bank of the Parvati River and flows from the bottom of the valley to the hot springs of about one and a half kilometers.

According to mythological background, Lord Shiva had descended to the foothills of the mountain when he was tired of sitting in Kailash. When you visit the region, you will spend a lot of time in the area. Once while Parvathi is bathing in the water fountain, her ear bead falls into the pits of the fountain. Ishwar orders his orders to raise it with water. No matter how much they search, they will not find the bead. Then when Shiva is angry and dances tandava and opens his third eyes, the thunder of lightning strikes and the world goes on.

The goddesses ask Seshanaga to bring Tandavarupi Shiva back to reality. Seshanaga tosses the boiling water out of the underworld with a fierce thrust. Then the water tosses up and in it gets the lost bead of Goddess Parvati !! Legend has it that Shiva Parvati was impressed by this.

Gurudwara adjoining the Shiva Temple is a holy place for the Sikhs. Whoever arrives here will have a meal ready. Rice, pulses and peanuts are cooked in hot water, naturally flowing from the earth, beside the presence of Lord Shiva. Put the washed rice in the copper pots and tie the cloth to the hot pot. The rice will be ready for lunch within 20 minutes.

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