The fox and the wolf story

The fox and the wolf lived in the forest. They were good friends. One day he was wandering in the woods for food. The wolf wanted to know how far the fox had been. . He asked the fox, "Friend, how educated are you
I was half educated. How about you ”The. The fox aske

“I'm not like you. I am more educated, ”the wolf said proudly
“Then you must lead the way sir. The morning after No Education. You are very educated. An educated person is respected everywhere

The wolf made its way. They both stuck around. Soon heard the roar of a lion. If the lion is approaching hungry. The Wolf was worried
The fox said, “Sir, we are in absolute danger. Somehow you are more educated. Why can't you

The initial 3 way. “The wolf began to tremble. My dear friend. What kind of education do I have? Forget about. The lion is coming to us: finding a way to get out of it. "We're done," he said
“Then don't be proud of your education. I'm not as educated as you. But what do I do now? Said Jackal

Zuckle was clever enough. He approached the lion and bowed
.Oh! King of the Jungle, may you live long. We are friends. It is our fortune that we have met you now. We hope we get your hands on justice

The lion was proud of himself
“Oh, dear J acal. You are always good to me. Tell me. What is your problem? ”Lion asked

“Your Honor, today I am holding two chickens and two chickens. But claim the wolf as a share. But, since he is my Clones friend, I gave him two chickens. Buthe is not satisfied. They need one chicken and one chicken equal share. How can I give him an equal share when my catch is there. We urge you to help. ”. The Lion's Thought about the Controversy of a Moment. He was cruel. He thought it would be a good opportunity to have two chickens and two chickens First he takes his meal and then he kills both Jackal and the Wolf. ,

“J Akal, I'll catch you first. Only then can I
Jackal understood the mischief that the lion was playing decide.
“Your Honor! Understand what you are saying 1 ca]. But I left them in my cave. Th
The Cave is a short distance from here. If you take some trouble with us, I can show youWhy not?" The lion agreed J akkal took the lion and the wolf to his cave. The cave was so small that only the j ackal and the wolf could enter, but not the lion
Wolf Flurst entered. 'The lion thought that a wolf who went into the woods would eat cooks and chickens. Neither did the wolf come out
After a while with cocks and chickens. The fox said to the lion, “King! The Wolf Can Be Eaten by Cooks and Poultry This Time. Please give me permission. I go into the cave and catch him out.
The lion roared, “Do it soon. I want
The fox on Move went inside but he didn't do muchEven after a very long time.
The lion roared again. “Oh J Akal 'Oh Wolf! Come on soon
The fox is clever. He replied: “Your Majesty. We have settled our dispute. So we need your help. ”The lion went wild.Wolf acknowledges that Jackal is more

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