Rahim and tho ass story

A young man named Raheem was living in an Indian village. He was a carpenter. He was going into the forest and cutting the forest. He was making l'III IIItureII and other household goods. He had no parents. He died when he was a little boy. He had an aunt living in another village. Rahim only met her once, that was four years ago. She was the only relative he had. He too wanted to have a family of his own.

One day Rahim decided to visit his aunt. He thought she would welcome him in his old age. .,

The next morning, Raheem left for his aunt's village. One of his friends said his aunt may not be happy to see him and she thinks her nephew has come for the money. But Rahim disagreed. He went to his aunt's village. He had to walk a long way. He reached the village three days later. When he reached the village he saw a cobbler. He asked on his way to his aunt's house. The cobbler pointed to Rahim

The elderly woman came home and said: “Widow  who stays there is a miser and she may net welcome you. She never allows anybody into her compound ”

Rahim came near his aunt’s house. The house looked very shabby. The tiles had fallen off the roof. Theie were lot of rubbish infront of the house. A thin donkey was tied to a pole near the broken gate. The donkey had not been fed since four days. Rahim soon went to the nearest ShOp and purchased a bundle of hay. He returned and placed it in front of the donkey. The donkey ate it hungrily. The old lady inside the house heard some noise and so she came out and asked Rahim what does he wants with her donkey. .

Rahim saw his aunt. She was wearing a white saree. It appeared that she was suffering from disease. Also she didn’t smile.

: Rahim introduced himself. But his aunt was not at all pleased to see him Or talk to him. Rahim remembered his friend who had warned him. The old lady thought that this nephew might have come for money.

“Look . I am a very poor woman. I don’t have money. I myself have nothing to eat. What can Rahim was disappointed. He just told the lady ' that he would return home the next morning. His auntjust gave little gruel. Rahim slept and spent the night. .

In the morning, when Rahim was aboutito leave, his aunt decided that she would walk with him till the next village ”as it was a market day there. She intended to sell the donkey in the market. '

Rahim and his aunt led the poor donkey to the ' market. Nobody came forward to purchase the donkey as it was too thin. The donkey raised its head and looked straight at Rahim. Rahim thought that the donkey is begging him to buy it.

‘Aunt, I will buy your donkey” Rahim said to his aunt. '

The widow told him to pay titty rupees and buy it. Infact Rahim had only filly rupees with him. He gave it to his aunt and took over the donkey.

When he reached his village he met his friend. He listened the story of Rahim and said:to become strong. He began to use the donkey to help him carry loads. Now Rahim was happy as he could get a company.

A few months later, Rahim received the news that his aunt had died. As he was the only relative to his aunt he went to her village immediately and performed the funeral. He spent the night at his aunt’s house for the last time. _

Next moming, the donkey walked across to a far comer of the court yard and began to paw the earth.

Rahim was surprised He thought the donkey must be hungry and gave it fresh hay. The donkey didn’t stop, but continued to paw the earth. “Perhaps next time you will listen to my advise.”
Rahim felt that there must be something below the earth. He took a spade and began to dig exactly where the donkey had been continuously pawing. After he had dug about a metre the spade hit against a hard object. Rahim heard a metallic sound. He cleared the mud and saw a bi g vessel. To his surprise the vessel contained silver coins and gold jewellery. Rahim realised that his aunt had hidden her wealth there. The donkey must have seen his aunt burying it in the ground 

Rahim thanked the donkey and the donkey was

so happy.

Rahim returned to his village with the vessel. He opened a big timber shop and soon became prosperous. H e always remembered the donkey

which brought him fortune. Indian Fnllr Tam
Rahim fed the donkey properly to enable it

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