YouTube Money Stats: 26 Creator's Data Reveals How Much They Earn In One

How Much Does YouTube Pay per 1,000 Views (CPM)

Ruby Asabor. Ruby Asabor
For every 1,000 views, creators get the CPM price with the help of YouTube. But no creator has the same CPM.

Advertisers usually pay more for an informative, business-related video than a vlog-style video. The fee may additionally depend on the seasonal, the CPM prices decrease at the beginning of the yr, and the higher ones at the end.

Some things, like talking about money on YouTube, can increase the creator's CPM fees on a regular basis by attracting money-making audiences.

We talked to sixteen YouTube creators about how big money they make per 1,000 views.

Here's what they said:

Jimmy Ton (30,000 subscribers) - Between $ 2 and $ 4, he advised Business Insider in April.
Shelby Church (1.5 million subscribers) - Between $ 2 and $ 5, he informed Business Insider in January.
Thomas Game Docs (177,000 subscribers) - Between $ 3 and $ 5, he advised Business Insider in April.
Marina Mogilko (1 million subscribers) - Between $ 4 and $ 14, she notified Business Insider in March.
Michael Groth (1 million subscribers) - Between $ 5 and $ 12, he notified Business Insider in April.
Austen Alexander (435,000 subscribers) - Between $ 7 and $ 9, he told Business Insider in November.
Natalie Barbu (278,000 subscribers) - Between $ 7 and $ 20, she advised Business Insider in February.
Jade Darmavangsa (330,000 subscribers) - Between $ 8 and $ 15, he informed Business Insider in March.
Sienna Santor (354,000 subscribers) - In round 8, she advised Business Insider in March.
Ruby Asabor (173,000 subscribers) - Between $ 10 and $ 20, he informed Business Insider in February.

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