WhatsAppriends and family. It is also - unfortunately - a place wher Messenger

WhatsApp Messengerends and family. It is also - unfortunately - a place where demons can reproduce, and no one wants or needs unnecessary negativity in their lives. So, how do you top it all up and block the monsters that haunt you?

We give you everything you need to know with our guide on how to block and unblock people from WhatsApp. We have some exciting tips on how to deal with strangers or unknown numbers in this popular messaging app.

How To Block Contact On Android
Under Settings, tap Account> Privacy> Blocked Contacts.
Tap the New Add button and find the contact you want to block from your contact list, then tap the contact and tap the block from the three-dot menu on the top right of the screen.
Alternatively, you can open a chat with a contact and tap the contact's name to block them.
Block or Report and Block.
On iOS
From the main screen, tap Settings> Account> Privacy.
At the bottom of the screen, you'll find a blocked button.
Tap the Block button to see your contacts list and then tap the Add New button.
Tap the connection you want to block.
That person appears on the blocked page. You can add another person, but if you're done, just tap the name again and it will take you to their info page.
Other preventative mechanisms
There are several ways to block an unknown phone number, some of which are suspected to be spam. If this is the first conversation you have with this number, you can open the chat and tap Block> Block. Or, star

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