Twiter The microblogging carrier was launched 14 years ago. But, despite its marketing,

marketing, once claimed as the most sought-after feature, it has never been dropped.

This week, the corporation has announced that it will soon amend the prospect of an edit button allowing its neighbors to tweak their posts and publish them after any typo. In a tweet on Thursday, July 2, Twitter said that you can have an edit button… the coronavirus will gradually open until someone wears masks.

The agency said in a tweet that "everyone can wear an edit button while wearing a sundry mask," and then clarified it with the following message: "Everyone is skill everyone." So, ume hit the edit button every time soon.

Twitter's view that face masks help fight infectious disease is in line with the modern-day recommendation of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to be honest, about one or two of these issues.

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