This Instagram account is exploding the racist Texas school district

his Instagram account is exploding the racist Texas school district
A new Instagram account reveals racism allegations in a Texas school district.

The "Racism at Westlake" (@RasisMatWestlake) account was launched in late June in Austin's Innes Independent School District, especially at Westlake High, with a view to providing a space for "students, alumni and families to share their racism experiences." School. Since June 22, the account has shared 36 posts highlighting Westlake's unpleasant history and detailing specific allegations of racism by former students.

"In 1969, the Westlake Prouse School was founded, largely in response to white flight and to avoid civil rights integration and busing. #Knowyourhistory," reads the first post. A 2005 Texas Monthly article confirms this version of history, calling Westlake "white-flight." The school "describes itself, and of our 1,500 students, a handful can be described as" color. "

The allegations of cultural appropriation, dehumanization, racism, anti-Semitism and the events of "Brownface" and "Yellowface" are broad and horrific in itself.

"I can recall many instances of overt, school-sponsored racism, such as Mexican hat dance or unofficial senior dress days performed at pep rallies, including '

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