Snapdeal Sales of DIY products, repair equipment are on the rise in Snapdeal

Mumbai, July 3 (PTI) Reflecting a shift in consumer behavior amid the COVID-19 pandemic, sales and repair of Do-It-Yourself (DYY) products have increased by 90 per cent on Sales of DIY products, repair equipment are on the rise in Snapdeal, e. The Commerce Forum said Friday.

Sales of such products have increased in cities and tier-II cities.

While Delhi-NCR, Bangalore and Mumbai met with the highest sales, most non-metro orders were from Chandigarh, Nagpur, Lucknow, Mysore and Coimbatore.

‘Increase in sales of DIY products and repair equipment indicates that people are taking more precautions in their daily lives. They are choosing safety and a more self-reliant lifestyle than the comfort of external help, ”a Snapdeal spokesperson said in a statement.

Most well-done DIY products cost Rs.

The best-selling DIY products on Snapdeal are home hand toolboxes featuring a variety of screwdrivers, pliers, vice grips, claw hammer, wrench, ratchet handle, hacksaw frame, tape, electrical voltage tester and electric tape.

Sales of electric iron and ironing tables have increased 5X in the past two months, the company said in a statement.

Users are also choosing wall painting brush, rollers and spray cans for various painting tasks at home.

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