PEPPERFRY Frequent use of hand sanitizers in masks for all facilities

Frequent use of hand sanitizers in masks for all facilities and employees.

Frequent swatching and swatch cleaning of all regularly touched surfaces such as door handles, tools, lift buttons etc.

Swatch cleaning and smoking are done regularly on all our premises.

We practice regularly and thoroughly swatch cleaning all surfaces we touch.

We follow the routine for cleaning our employees' work centers, laptops and mobiles.

Social distance
Maintain a distance of 2 meters among employees in all facilities.

Spread seating, partial work from home, any group gathering or meeting in all facilities.

Markers on the ground in warehouses to maintain social distance along the queue line.

We have eliminated group meetings, instead we encourage audio / video conferences.

Secure delivery
Temperature checks and use of sanitizers at entry points to all facilities for employees and visitors.

Use 3-PLY masks for delivery personnel and carpenters before entering your premises.

Frequent smoking of delivery vehicles. Use disinfectants when loading and unloading products from vehicles.

Severe swatch cleaning of frequently used vehicles, equipment, equipment and other surfaces during delivery.

Additional precautions
Staff are encouraged to download the Aroga Setu App to receive guidance and are advised to stay at home if they are not healthy.

Guidelines have been issued for employees and delivery personnel on sanitation practicesj

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