Mobile Sprint More No, ST-Mobile focuses on its own network

-Mobile is pulling the plug on Sprint 5G, one day after you finished the Boost, Virgin and different Sprint Pay sales ly formally as you go to Dish to Networks. Cross is one of a long list of issues to sort out in the wake of April's 5 26.5 billion merger. And like a variety of different moves, it's ready to leave some clients late.

Sprint's 2.5 GHz 5G comes as T-Mobile picks the focal point on its own network. Just a few weeks after the merger, T-Mobile has already begun operations in New York City and in some other cities, including Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Kansas City. Los Angeles, Phoenix and Washington, DC

As CNET noted, most Sprint 5G handsets are unable to convert, and Samsung Galaxy S20 5G customers are clear here. For every person, T-Mobile is leasing new 5G handsets.

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