How To Make Earned Money Using AdMob For Android

Google in May 2010. Some Android developers who create apps and games for Android smartphones use the
AdMob advertising system to monetize their creations. If you are a developer and are looking for a way to make money by keeping your own app or game for free, you can make decent money using the AdMob system.

Develop an Android app. You want the application to solve the problem and be very useful. If the game is developed, make the game fun and unusual; Viral content makes users want to tell others about it.

Visit the Android Market Announcement page at Sign in using your Google credentials.

Follow the instructions to publish your app to the Android Market. To promote downloads that ultimately determine how many admob ads are being shown to your app, it is recommended that you give the app free of charge.

Visit the AdMob website at Sign in using your Google credentials.

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