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HomeShop 18 has launched Emerald Navaratna from Anaya

HomeShop 18, India's first 24-hour home shopping channel, has selected the unique oval Emerald Navarat set in punch-based (silver, gold, copper, lead and iron alloy) by Anaya. Anaya has designed pendants and earrings from the most spectacular and auspicious astrological gemstones to benefit the wearer from the powerful energies emanating from each planet's gems.
ನ Navarat's pendant with all nine planetary gemstones ensures health, wealth and p
rosperity the Elegant design suited to classic and contemporary Indian dressing

In addition, HomeShop 18 offers free home delivery anywhere in India.

In India, Nawarat's jewelery is of paramount importance due to its astrological significance and innate fascination. The nine stones used in Emerald Navarth's jewelry set are diamond, ruby, emerald, coral, pearl, sapphire, garnet, sapphire and cat's eye. This product is well received by Acros for customers

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