Google AdSense code work? It's simple; Get a web page and make money

ads. Website owners around the world use
AdSense, a tool that is made available to anyone every day. If you want to join the action and make money using Adsense, you need to add a small block of code to your blog or website.

How AdSense works
AdSense helps advertisers by getting people to visit their websites. For example, when you place adsense code on your web pages, that code generates ads on your page. When a site visitor clicks on an ad, it's another potential customer for the advertiser - and for you, code logs that click and credit your AdSense account. The amount you make per click will vary depending on the advertiser you are displaying. After a certain limit, Google will send you a payment. As of January 2013, your reporting currency is U.S. Your payment limit is $ 100 if it is a dollar. View a summary of your estimated earnings on your Google Analytics homepage. If you would like to view detailed information, tap or click on the "Performance Reports" tab of the home page.

Getting Started
You don't have to write code to use Adsense code. After you create an AdSense account, Google will give you some lines of HTML code that make AdSense work wherever you place the code. If you have an AdSense account, visit the Google Adsense signup page and create a new account (link in Resources). During the signup process, you fill out a page that asks for basic information, such as your contact name and the URL of your website.

Account Approval

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