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pages from the pro-civil war group after considering a violent community that broke the company's Dangerous Persons and Institutions policy. Facebook has primarily eliminated 220 strategies, 106 groups, 28 pages and 95 Instagram funds as part of a "strategic network disruption." Another 400 companies and 100 pages were pulled to host related items managed by loans outside the network.

The company said it had continually deleted content that clearly advocated violence, including 800 posts in the past two months. It limits companies and pages by extracting them from recommendations. However, the movement has decided that the whole thing is inherently violent. Facebook said it was “actively promoting” violence against civilians, government officials and police, and that there have been several real-world attacks in recent months.

Facebook said there was "more to be done" after this, though it did not elaborate on the meaning.

Prohibitions can cause more uproar than usual. They effectively place many supporters in the same category as hate groups. While there are clearly violent boogeymen, it is known that it has a more diverse base that includes some non-violent critics of the government. Facebook stressed that it was only once cracking down on members who "pose the greatest risk of real harm," but it is not reassuring to those who feel it is tainted by repression.

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