Desi Dime Sale Discount Deemer-savvy members,

Deemer-savvy members, known as dimers, search and share deals and coupons from a wide range of products and stor
All contributions posted are free to vote and respond to the entire community Team cura.  Depending on the votes, feedback and other factors, the Decidime team collects the truly outstanding offers on the front page of the website, called Front Page Deals.
Our purpose
Help shoppers make more informed shopping decisions
Discussing rating and every deal with millions of merchants across India; Indicates good bargaining; And exchanging expert shopping advice, tips and tricks; Desidime Forums aims to help every shopper find the right materials, at the right price and at the right time.
Offer a one-stop shop for bargain hunting
Be it daily deals, special promotions, free, coupons, online and in-store deals across India; The community strives to bring all kinds of shopping bargains under one roof

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