blogging You need to be an entrepreneur to make money blogging.

 You may need to sell ads, promote products or write an e-book. We are here to help you choose the best strategies.

If your blog gets decent traffic, consider using any of the following strategies. If your audience is young, the first two are probably better. Either way, using more than one money-making method will increase your chances.

1. Display the ad

You've probably seen digital ads for cell phones, credit cards and other products on websites. Companies can bid to run ads on your blog through a program like Google Adsense. You decide what kind of ads move and where they appear on the page, and when you get paid, readers click on them.

Estimating your potential earnings is tough, but this detailed guide to monetizing Google AdSense can help. Here's a general idea: Say your site gets 2,800 views a month, and 1.5% of viewers click on a display ad - 42 clicks. Advertisers bid 75 cents per click, looking for a salary of about $ 30.

"Money blogging," says author Joseph Hogg, "For a new blogger, looking at a $ 30 or $ 50 check can be all the motivation they need to keep up with their blog and ultimately make more money."

Monitor your money while trying
Faced with economic anxiety, NerdWallet can find ways to save.

2. Repeat blog content

You are already producing content, so why not distribute it in another form? Turn your blog posts into an e-book of chapters that you can sell on Amazon.

Self-publishing is probably the best you can afford, but Hogg says it is "the best source of passive income." This means that you can almost forget about it after compiling content and posting it to Amazon. Collect payment now and then.

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